Magnus provides a one stop solution to complete any documentation requirement in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner. We are on hand to provide advice and assistance to individuals working in a busy environment where receiving clear and concise information is critical. With a lean but experienced team of approved documentation officers that currently produce, complete and process all these documents on a daily basis, our friendly staff is on hand to provide support and assistance in all aspects of work permit and visa documentation.

For each application we present a case unique to the individual’s situation in order for the work permit committee to get a clearer understanding of the applicant’s purpose and reason in applying for a work permit. As in most cases, each application is different. Hence, we tailor each case to the suitability of the application being submitted for approval.

We are committed to handling the frustrations of bureaucracy on behalf of our client as we have the knowledge, experience and foresight to work effectively, ensuring that all applications submitted are properly presented with regard to government regulations and representative of your business needs. Every day we manage the complex business of securing work permits for our clients. We handle the necessary documentation and legislation requirements dealing with the relevant government body and presenting each case in the most effective way possible enabling a rapid assessment of applications and once approved we advise on how to proceed, depending on nationality and location.

Our work Permit and Work Visa Services are listed below:

1. Work Permit consultations include the following:
i. Provide due diligence behind submission of application
ii. Assist in application for endorsement of work permit
iii. Provide guidance for application of General Security bond (or Private Security bond)
iv. Provide consultancy services to foreign professionals who intend to be self-employed in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
v. Guidance on CSME Skilled Certificates to qualifying candidates

2. Work Visa consultation
i. Application for visa at time of extension
ii. Endorsements of Passports at the Immigration department
iii. Application for multiple entry visas, visa forms, and extension forms
iv. Application for emergency / urgent visa requests

3. “Meet & Greet” services at airport
i. Facilitation of entry letters for Entry at Airport prior to arrival
ii. Provision of Visa waiver facilities
iii. Escorted service upon arrival and drop-off to residing location or office.

Magnus will keep you informed of the progress of you application at all times. Additionally, we will ensure that:-
– All application forms have been completed correctly
– Any additional information is present and correct
– The correct fees are paid on your behalf

Immigration laws do allow for a 30-day permission to work without a ‘work permit’. However, approval letters from Immigration must be obtained in advance. If not, the person may be denied entry and sent back to their port of embarkation.

Magnus will charge a set fee for handling your documentation requirements. We will agree on a fee in advance per our quotation system. The quotation will detail all official fees and associated costs in an itemised format. Our fees are structured on the clients’ requirements, quantity and complexity of work and payment terms.