Our team provides benefits through a wide network of contacts across the international borders. Our contacts have various professional backgrounds including investment banking, consulting, energy, real estate, and consular services. We understand the challenges that come from different environments and consolidate our technical skills to deliver beyond our clients’ expectations. Based on our experience, our partnership knows which of our network contacts would be best suited to help corporates generate value in their operations.

Mr. PremchandBudhram, CEO

• Retired Senior Immigration Officer. (40 years experience)
• Former Immigration Attache, Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Washington D.C.USA. (1982 – 1991)
• Past President/ Honorary Member of Consular Corps of WashingtonD.C. (1988 - 1992)
• Consular Liaison Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (2002-2004)
• CARICOM (Resource person on CSME). Special Assignments as required (2003).
• Candidate for the M.Phil. (International Relations.) U.W.I. (2008). St. Augustine. T&T.
• Bachelor of Business Administration. (Management), ConcordiaUniversity, Montreal, Canada. (1978).
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