Welcome to Magnus Investment Services

Magnus Investment Services is a niche boutique consulting firm providing specialized advisory services in areas of Investment and Risk advisory services that serve organizations seeking to overcome any challenges and achieve their long-term competitive advantage.

By providing our clients with specific customized support, precise industry knowledge, effective offering solutions, and excellent client service, we offer the depth and breadth of skills and expertise in selected specialty areas. Our consultants only work with select clients, gaining a true understanding of their needs and requirements in order to deliver a more immediate, tangible result. Using our integrated services, we can leverage our considerable expertise and professional relationships to help our clients create and sustain proficiency in the relevant tasks at hand.

Today’s markets present major opportunities and major risks for investors. Magnus Investment Services has been actively helping an array of small- and mid-sized businesses achieve solutions to existing challenges, boost operational efficiencies, and implement strategies for innovation and value creation in the future.

Magnus Investment Services is not a certified public accounting firm and does not provide audit, attest, or public accounting services. As a fee-only, non-discretionary independent firm, we work exclusively for our clients, not a brokerage firm, insurance company or bank. We do not accept commissions from the sale of financial products. We are compensated solely and exclusively by fees received directly from our clients.